Fat Dissolve Injections

What is Aqualyx?

Aqualyx™ contains desoxycholan-acid, which the body naturally produces to aid the digestion of fat. The injectable solution is synthesised to dissolve topical fat upon injection into the localised area.


How does it work?

The human body naturally stores fat to supply energy and subcutaneous fat cells are difficult to diminish. The active substance in Aqualyx locks into the cell wall making it unstable and releasing the fatty acid that is stored within it. Cell residue is removed and broken down by the body’s defenses and the released fatty acids are converted to energy.


What will Aqualyx treatment feel like?

The treatment area will be cleaned and topical anaesthetic may be applied for comfort.

The area will be measured and mapped for optimum results. The solution will be

injected using a fine needle, the area will feel warm and you may experience a slight

burning or stinging sensation. Aqualyx can be mixed with a local anesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable.

How long do results last?

By following a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and healthy living the fat should

not return in that area.


How many treatments will I need?

Number of treatments varies from person to person and according to the amount of fat and desired result, around 2-4 treatments at 4 weekly intervals may be required.


What areas of the body can be treated?

  • Double Chin

  • Under Bra Area

  • Abdomen

  • Flanks

  • Hips

  • Knees

  • Upper Arms

  • Inner thighs

  • Outer thighs

  • Buttocks

  • Chest


What are the possible risks and complications involved?

Allergic Reaction to the substance

Minor bruising from injection

Mild generalised bruising and redness

Swelling to area injected

Possible injection site infection



Do not apply cosmetics to treated area for 12 hours following treatment. Avoid direct

sources of heat and sunlight whilst inflamed. Abstain from demanding exercise for 48

hours. Maintain a healthy diet while released fat is being metabolised to avoid fat

storage elsewhere. Drink plenty of fluids following treatment and avoid alcohol/non-

steroidal anti-inflammatory medication or aspirin for 24 hours.

Contra indications

Pregnancy and breast feeding

Severe anaphylactic reactions and allergies

Auto-immune disease


Acute or chronic skin disease in affected areas

Area unsuitable for treatment

Blood thinning medications.



Small Area

Such as Chin

Medium Area

Such as Upper Arms

Large Area

Such as Stomach
A full consultation is required, where you will receive an exact cost for the treatment.