About MESO- the gentle answer to skin rejuvenation

- MESO has been developed to solve the problem of conventional methods  that cannot implant particles deep enough into the skin, where they are most needed and where they will achieve the best possible results
-The active substances stimulate the cells metabolism and contribute to their regeneration
Why have MESO?
Vitamins & hyaluronic acid are unable to penetrate the epidermis layer of skin using conventional methods - this is where best results are achieved and so the MESO method punches tiny holes into the epidermis allowing the vitamins & hyaluronic acid to penetrate.
Just like other skin needling treatments MESO causes micro trauma to the skin in order to force it to self repair. The body recognises the skin has been compromised and immediately sends repair tools to the area. This promotes collagen (the good types) and elastin to the skin.
The effects of collagen stimulation can take up to 1 month to make a difference to the appearance of the area, in most cases you will see a visible improvement immediately after your treatment.
Areas that can be treated
- Face, neck, décolleté, back of hands
Course of treatments
- Meso plastic treatments should be carried out once a week in the first 4 weeks. Monthly maintenance thereafter will maintain optimum results.
Meso Plus produces longer lasting results, approximately 2 or 3 treatments are all that is needed for best results. These would be monthly. Annual treatments would help maintain the results as your skin will continue to age.
- Do not apply makeup until the following day
- Wear an SPF 30 or more
- Do not go the gym, pool or use soap immediately after your treatment