Is it painful?

You may experience slight discomfort during the treatment.

How is Meso different from derma rolling?

It is considered less invasive, numbing creams are not required which allows better abortion or the product. The small needle head means your technician can work in more delicate areas such as under your eye.

How will my skin look immediately after my treatment?

There is little downtime after your Meso treatment. Any redness will quickly subside. Your skin will start healing immediately and there can be a  noticeable difference within 2 treatments. You my experience some mild peeling, which is normal.

Can I have Meso after Botox and Fillers?

Leave at least 2 weeks after Botox before having Meso. With fillers, leave at least 3 weeks after the fillers have settled before having Meso.

Can I have Meso the Same day as Permanent Makeup?

Yes you can have Meso on the same day as your cosmetic tattooing appointment.

In some instances the meso treatment around the lips can lead to an outbreak of cold sores if you have had cold sores previously, this will be covered in your medical history & consultation.