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Meso Plus Vs Derma rolling

What is Meso Plus?

Meso Plus is a relatively new skin rejuvenation treatment. Meso Plus has been developed to solve the problem of conventional anti ageing methods that cannot implant particles deep enough into the skin, where they are most needed and where they will achieve maximum results. A metal cartridge is attached to the hand piece of a state of the art Precision Plus Cosmetic Machine. Tiny needles within this cartridge vertically pierce the skin at a very fast rate and create thousands of micro-injuries. This in turn encourages the body's innate ability to re-grow and repair itself naturally. In addition to this, a superior anti aging serum that increases the skins regenerative potential is applied, the tiny holes created by the micro needling allow the vitamins & hyaluronic acid to penetrate to where they are most beneficial. This form of micro needling enhances skin rejuvenation and has a faster recovery time for the client than other traditional skin treatments such a derma rolling. Meso Plus can be just as effective as alternative treatments it often a fraction of the cost compared to other alternatives.

How does Meso compare to Derma Rolling?

A Dermal Roller is a simple mechanical tool about 2 inches across, it has a barrel covered in ultra-fine spikes designed to pierce holes in the skin. Although results are noteworthy, the treatment can be more painful than with Meso Plus and the recovery time may be longer. This is because the micro-wounds produced with the dermal roller are much more traumatic to the skin; instead of a rapid vertical needle insertion and withdrawal, dermal rollers dig into the skin and create more of a tearing wound.

Another benefit of the Meso Plus Treatment is that it uses a small metal cartridge, so it can reach and needle smaller areas such around the eyes and the upper lip, areas a dermal roller cannot easily reach. Meso Plus is suitable for your face, neck, décolletage and back of hands.

See our amazing before & after Meso Plus photos. To book call 07921269329. Prices start from £75.

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