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Microblading the 'buzzword'

Permanent Makeup dates back to the start of the 20th Century & today the main methods of permanent makeup involve implanting pigment into the skin using either a digital machine or by microblading.

If done by a skilled technician both methods will produce beautiful results.

The main myth I hear about microblading is that is doesn't last as long. This is untrue. Both microblading and machine method are forms of tattooing, neither are semi permanent. Yes, the colour will fade over time, however there is no guarantee with either method that it will ever leave the skin completely. The overall longevity of the tattoo will depend on a number of factors including the depth the technician went, not the tool that was used.

Microblading is more natural than machine method- This is false, ultra fine 'hairstroke' brows are possible to achieve with both methods. Brows achieved by digital machine are often mistaken for microblading.

Although Microblading is often thought as a less invasive treatment, it can actually be more traumatic on the skin than the digital method and can easily lead to scarring. Microblading invloves a hand tool with a head of needles being dipped into pigment and 'scratched' across the skins surface. The digital machine method uses a hand piece with a needle that is dipped in pigment and tiny dots are then implanted into the skins surface at a precise speed.

In the right hands, both methods will produce excellent results. There are some amazing microblading technicians out there trained to a very high level of skill by trusted companies, however there are also unfortunately a large amount of poorly trained technicians who have only attended a cheap 2 day microblading course who then start tattooing skin. My personal preference is always machine method as essentially this is what I'm trained to do and I feel  that not only is this method suitable for more skin types, there is also less trauma involved, more control, precision & versatility.

The choice is yours, my advice is to choose your technician

based on the end result, and not the method used!

Lora X

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