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Permanent Makeup Removal

With the increasing number of quick, poor quality permanent makeup training courses, some techs are resorting to just 'having a go' on real people. There is need for safe cosmetic tattoo removal to over come this problem. Permanent Eyebrows may need removing for many reasons, such as they are the wrong shape, uneven or perhaps too high. Permanent Lips may have been tattooed over the lip line, meaning the colour will be different on the lip tissue and the skin. The good news is that there are different removal options available!

The method that I use is Salt & Saline Removal (Osmosis). The skin is broken using a fine needle & the solution is applied. Pigment is then drawn up & out of the skin. This method works on all pigment colours, unlike laser which is unable recognise certain colours. The process is relatively quick, and improvements can be seen as soon as the scab sheds. The process can be repeated as soon as the skin has healed if needed.

Another benefit of this method is that the cost of removal is generally low. The price with me at Lora Permanent Makeup is only £50 per session. 

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