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The importance of Aftercare

It is very important to follow the aftercare given by your technician following your permanent makeup treatment. What you do to the area that has been tattooed after your treatment will have an impact on the level of retention. Make sure you do not rub or pick any scabbing as this will definitely pull the pigment out. I over my clients both verbal & written aftercare. You will be asked to keep the area dry & avoid activities where you are likely to get sweaty or places that are steamy. Your sweat contains salt & this is what we use to remove unwanted pigment! My personal preference is to let your body heal itself, however I do provide a sachet of aftercare product to all clients following their permanent makeup treatment. This is ok to use from day 4, you must only apply a very small amount & this should be done gently with a clean cotton bud or clean finger (be careful not to oversaturate them) Make sure you keep the area out of sun as much as possible (wearing a sun hat etc) and restrain from using sun beds. If in doubt, ask your technician!

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