Vitamin B12 Injections





Vitamin B12 is important in the normal functioning of the nervous system and in the development of red blood cells in bone marrow. Many food sources contain vitamin B12 such as fish and meat but unfortunately sometimes not enough is fully absorbed into the blood stream.

Vitamin B12 Injection benefits may include;

  • Improved sleep

  • Mental Clarity

  • Balanced immune system

  • Helps to fight off viruses and infections

  • Healthy skin, hair and nails

  • Supports hormone imbalance

  • Improved metabolism

Increasing your levels of B12 produces more red blood cells to help carry oxygen around your body. This helps to increase your energy & promotes a healthier well-being




  • £35 per injection

  • Book a course of 5 & receive 1 free!



The procedure takes 5 minutes. There is no downtime.