What are the benefits of Permanent Makeup?


Permanent Makeup offers the chance to kiss lengthy make-up routines goodbye, so that you can literally get up and go & have beautifully applied makeup 24 hours a day.

What options are available?

Eyebrows- If you have sparse, unruly, or non existent brows, or wish to add a bit more definition then permanent makeup could be your solution. We don’t all have the spare time each day to sit and draw on our eyebrows, or we may not have the know how. Laura can create bespoke, fuller, extremely natural looking brows using cosmetic tattooing which will save you the time & the worry of drawing them on daily. Permanent eyebrows help frame your eyes and can be very anti ageing.

Eyeliner-  This can be tricky & time consuming to draw on yourself. Makeup is easily smudged during the day. With Permanent Makeup, your desired look can be as subtle, thick or bold as you would like. We can use different techniques to create a variety of looks & have a range of colours available to enhance your features.

Lips- Not ready for filler yet? A lip colour can create the illusion of a fuller lips without the need for injections, while leaving a beautiful hue so you won't need lipstick. 

Is It For Me?

Absolutely! Why not book in for your free consultation & discuss your needs on a one-to-one basis 

Although semi permanent makeup is a great option for those wanting to look their best, it is particularly beneficial if:

  • You're physically active, enjoying activities such as swimming, and running.

  • You have vision problems and find it hard to apply your makeup well.

  • You have a busy lifestyle & cannot find time to constantly re-touch makeup.

  • You have a hectic family life, and find little time to apply your makeup

  • You have sparse eyebrows from over-plucking

  • You have sparse eyelashes